I’m young.
I’m trans.
I exist.
I can be myself.
I can define and redefine myself.

St.Martins Youth Arts Centre
Creative Victoria

Escape Velocity is a creative project of films and live performances, made with trans and gender non-conforming young people in Melbourne. Escape Velocity is a collaboration between St Martins and Minus18, with support from Creative Victoria.

In 2020 Escape Velocity was nominated for a GLOBE Community Award in the ‘Outstanding Advocacy’ category. 

It’s our hope that the
films will inspire you to become our allies.

As allies, some facts to have at your fingertips are that 74% of trans and gender diverse young people experience abuse and discrimination (source). As a result, 75% of trans and gender diverse young people experience depression (source), as opposed to just 15% of the general population (source).

In science escape velocity refers to the energy needed to overcome a powerful force of gravity. In our project, Escape Velocity is the call for society to build up a collective momentum and become allies to trans and gender non-conforming young people.

From 2019 to 2021 Escape Velocity created and shared eight short films for you. Watch them, talk about them, and share them with others. We hope Escape Velocity inspires you to become an ally: to learn more, speak up, and to support individuals, organisations and campaigns around Australia that support trans or gender non-conforming communities.

We are who we are, and you can be part of making a world where we feel proud, welcome and safe.

- Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity is funded by Creative Victoria’s Future Makers for Change initiative.